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The word budo comes from bu, which means martial, and do, which translates as "the way." True budo is more than just a set of martial techniques-true budo incorporates a complete system of training that promotes physical fitness, mental focus, and perhaps even spiritual enlightenment. Suenaka Martial Arts training teaches budo through the traditional arts of aikido and karate. For us, martial arts training is not a hobby or pastime, but a lifelong path of dedicated training and study. We focus on thorough mastery of martial arts principles through repetitive practice of basic and fundamental techniques. We shun egotism and believe the only path to mastery is diligent practice, intense study, and proper attitude. We welcome visitors to our martial arts classes and foster a familial atmosphere among our students, all the while maintaining a disciplined and rigorous attitude toward our aikido and karate training.

Roy Y. Suenaka

Roy Yukio Suenaka Sensei, founder of Wadokai Aikido™, is one of contemporary budo's most experienced practitioners and best-kept secrets. Roy Suenaka has devoted his life to martial arts training, learning at the feet of some of the world's most celebrated masters. These include such legends as Aikido founder O'sensei, Okazaki-ryu Kodenkan Jiu-jitsu founder Henry Seishiro Okazaki, Kosho-ryu Kempo's legendary James Masayoshi Mitose, judoka (and later, aikidoka) Yukiso Yamamoto, and celebrated kendoka Shuji Mikami.

Suenaka Sensei's Biography
Suenaka Sensei's Martial Arts Lineage

Wadokai Aikido in Charleston SC

The Suenaka School Martial Arts teaches Suenaka-ha Tetsugaku-ho Aikido, which means "Suenaka style, philosophical way." Equal emphasis is placed on physical and personal betterment. A direct student of Morihei_Ueshiba O'Sensei, Suenaka Sensei incorporates all of O'Sensei's teachings in his style of Aikido, combined with his extensive experience in real-world self-defense. The result is a martial art that is "street effective" yet respectful of all living things, conducted in a dynamic, joyful and welcoming atmosphere, without conflict or machismo.

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Hakutsuru Shorin-ryu Karate

The karate style taught at the Suenaka Martial Arts School is Matsumura Seito Hakutsuru Shorin-ryu Katate and Kobudo, otherwise known as "White Crane" Karate. The last living direct teacher of this style was Grandmaster Hohan Soken, who during his life was considered the greatest karate teacher on Okinawa, and under whom Suenaka Sensei studied for many years. The style is crisp yet graceful martial art, incorporating some grappling and many traditional karate weapons. It requires a good degree of physical fitness, which is developed during study. It is both an effective method of self-defense and a path to personal betterment.

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